Network Connectivity issues

24 Jun 2019 09:43


We are aware of an issue affecting some customers and are investigating this as a matter of urgency. We will be keeping this status page up to date so please keep an eye on for the latest updates. You should expect to see updates at least every 20 minutes

24/06/19 10:07

We've identified that the issue has been caused by a failure in the network infrastructure that serves our Gen 3 hosting platform. Any clients on our Gen 4 platform will have been unaffected. Our infrastructure team are working to reconnect services swiftly.

Due to the way the Gen 3 platform is architected we are expecting some Virtual Machines to present storage issues which we will work to resolve as soon as possible.

24/06/19 10:34

As of 1005 we have begun to receive recovery notifications from client servers and we've assigned all available technical team members to work towards resolving any storage issues identified. We will be manually resolving issues in order to ensure that services are restored as gracefully as possible which may mean that some clients will continue to be affected until early afternoon.

24/06/19 11:01

Our support team are continuing to identify and resolve issues on client servers as swiftly as we can and are making good progress towards restoring all services by early afternoon.

24/06/19 11:24

We've now resolved issues on over 50% of the affected servers and are continuing to restore all client services as swiftly as possible.

24/06/19 12:03

Our team have now resolved over 70% of issues affecting client servers and are continuing to make good progress towards restoring all client services.

24/06/19 12:18

90% of affected servers are now back operating as usual. Our team will continue to work through all remaining issues and restore normal service as swiftly as possible.

24/06/19 12:52

Our Support Team are still working hard to resolve remaining issues for any clients still experiencing problems with their service.

24/06/19 14:58

Our team have now resolved all client-facing issues relating to this incident. All client servers should now be available and accessible to traffic.

If your site or application is showing errors please contact the support team via or on 01252 560565 and we will work to resolve these as swiftly as we can.

We'll update this post with more information about the root cause of this issue once our engineers have completed a full audit and review of the incident.